Want to Hack an Online Casino? We’ll Show You How


You have no moral values and no sense of guilt. You don’t care about the law. No penalty is frightening enough. Screw the system, I demand my fair share of the cake. I even want the cherry on top. If these describe you and the desires that bloom inside your mind — you came to the right place.

The question of whether to hack or not to hack is way behind, and the first step towards making your long-awaited dream to crack that online casino software is at your grasp. If you happen to be a top-notch hacker, that is. What’s that? You are not? That’s why you tried to browse this topic, right.

Well, this isn’t a simple task, not to mention the fact that online casino games usually have an extra layer of security thanks to cybersecurity companies. Thus, we have to warn our readers to keep this article as something hypothetical. We strongly recommend you to keep all of our tips and tricks in your imagination. The consequences of putting them to action could be severe. You don’t want to end up behind bars, do you?

Now that the honest heads-up is out of our way, let’s use the information and imagination.

1.Cute Little Slots, Imma Hack You!

Casino Slots Online hacksOnline slots are undoubtedly the games that attract the most attention. The only thing you need to play them is to be internet-connected, log in, and bam! The reels will be spinning. Tell you what — we bet that it was slots that got you thinking about how to hack an online casino in the first place. As simple and fun as this game can be, it has a dark side. You can get hooked pretty fast. Not receiving any real money from the game can be frustrating. Not even the attractive casino bonuses and free spins can compensate for the feeling of misery. That jackpot seems far away and keeps slipping.

In order to be successful in online casino hacking, you need to know how slots work. There would be no fair outcomes of the game if it weren’t for the Random Number Generator. This is essentially a mechanism which generates millions of combinations — numbers if you will. Usually, it is covered by traditional defenses, but there are online casinos which use extra cybersecurity measures.

RNG operates independently, and no one can predict the outcomes. It makes sure the games are completely random, and whether you’ve won the last spin or no makes no difference whatsoever. Whether you exist in the casino high-roller database makes no difference either.

Every single person has the same chances. The fact that you have just won a progressive jackpot or lost a lot of money — it’s all the same in the ruthless digital eyes of RNG. We are all equal in front of this piece of software. The only way you can try to tamper with it is to be a very, very skilled hacker.

And now, here is the juice — if after all this info, you still want to try and hack an online casino, there are highly illegal ways. For instance, you can visit the black market and download a particular piece of software. Occasionally, these things are programmed in such a way that only one slot game can be hacked. On the other hand, there are pieces of software which can break into every slot game. This way, you can try to mess with RNG and tip it in your favor.

2. Hold Your Phones, Ladies and Gentleman!

These days, table and live games are made to be practically hack-proof. That is unless you obtain some illegal cheat software. They were designed to expand the attack surface and tip the odds to your favor. In fact, if you are persistent enough, you can even find software which allows you to hack an actual brick-and-mortar slot machine via phone.

Online Phone Gambling

However, we have to warn you again — many of those illegal pieces of software promise great success and glory. However, the truth is much, much different. Oftentimes, these apps aren’t trustworthy. There’s a significant probability that the app becomes dangerous for your privacy and personal information and useless if you want to hack an online casino.

Most of “hack-a-casino apps” exist solely for the sake of accessing a naive person’s data. If you decide to proceed with this and try the app, you might end up being the one to get hacked. Well, we believe this is what they call “instant karma.”

3. Hack Those Poker Faces! Online Poker, Here We Come!

Online Poker

Here, we have to mention the strategy of botting. Basically, this is just another type of software, a common one per se. It is frequently connected with poker and blackjack. The bots we are talking about are automated computer gamblers. They take a player’s place at the digital table. According to pre-programmed strategies, bots operate 24/7. As long as they don’t get noticed, they can make hundreds of dollars. However, they rarely get unnoticed. And one more thing we need to mention — this isn’t entirely illegal, it’s more in the gray zone.

There is another illegal approach to table games and casino hacking issue. However, this one has nothing to do with software. The term is “player colluding.” It’s when a bunch of players form a group in order to join poker rooms with juicy pots, for instance. It doesn’t have to be poker. It can be any table game. Anyhow, they work together and work on a big win for one individual. They split the money among themselves afterward.

Even though this isn’t a felony, casino operators genuinely hate this and have zero tolerance in this matter. They take measures against the ones who try to hack them and continuously develop new methods to stop these actions.

Now, as for online poker hacking; this is a game that has been a subject of many hacking attempts ever since the first online casino emerged. Since the dawn of digital poker, a group of gamers found that RNG wasn’t completely random in this game. Instead, it spun around 200,000 possible deck combinations. This might sound like a lot for an inexperienced gamer. However, RNG in slots uses billions of combinations, so 200,000 sound pretty good now, huh?

These bandits crunched the numbers and found a way to hack the casino. They took a substantial amount of money. This all sounds splendid, but these individuals were found and prosecuted accordingly. Guess all those years behind bars taught them a lesson.

4. Hacking the Digital Wheel

Digital wheel Well, roulette, we guess you’re next. The hacking of this digital wheel is particularly tricky. This is all due to the fact that this wheel isn’t a physical one. Just like online slots, this game uses the Random Number Generator, and we already talked about how hard it is to mess with it.

However, just like in the case of slots, you need to obtain some illegal software in order to try and hack the wheel. If you want us to hook you up with such software providers, we are not here to be the middleman. Anything you are about to do, you’ll be held responsible for. Just remember that in this big fish tank, there are many sharks. Don’t be an innocent prey for those predators.

However, we can give you a useful tip — instead, go for European or French roulette games, and avoid the American version. Why? Because the single zero just may increase your winning odds.

5. Blackjack in Live Casino, You Are Going to Be Hacked

Online gambling cardsHere comes one of the most frequently asked questions — can you hack live casino? Well, when it comes to blackjack, there is a strategy called counting cards. Even though you will be blacklisted at the casino for using this, it most certainly isn’t illegal.

But does this technique work for live table games? No, it doesn’t. Card counting can only work if you know how many decks there are in the house dealer’s shoe. In online casinos, you don’t get to see a visual line of a shoe. This means that your technique will be quite pointless.

Is It Risky to Use Illegal Hacking Software?

If you decide to take an illegal path to gain money, you should be aware of its consequences. Even if you manage to find and use illegal software, the vast majority of online casinos have a period of verification of the funds’ legitimacy. You are most likely going to be caught, blacklisted, and all of that sweet money you stole will be lost. So don’t rejoice too soon until you actually receive the payment on your bank account, that is.

Isn’t it way better to simply play online casino games and have fun? Stop trying to think of a way to trick the casino and cheat your way toward winnings. Test your luck; that’s the whole point of gambling. Choose a respectable gambling establishment and enjoy your favorite Las Vegas-style gaming.

Has Anyone Ever Managed to Hack an Online Casino?

The short answer is yes, of course. This, as hard as it may seem, is possible. The long answer is that even though it is possible, this action is so complicated that we think it’s not worth the risk or effort. If you think that casino hacking emerged with online versions of it, you are wrong. In fact, brick-and-mortar casinos’ slot machines were constant targets. And these folks were somewhat successful, more than modern online hackers are, in fact. At times, if the slot machine happened to be in a slightly worse shape, a simple magnet could do the trick.

Even if cybersecurity of a particular casino isn’t capable of keeping the hackers away, it is more than capable of catching them after a thorough investigation. Here is a fun fact — did you know that some casinos are more protected than some banks? The casino operators are well aware of the concept of easy money and attempts at cheating. Do you think that someone would just let those hackers rob them? No, sir, never going to happen!

Besides, servers of each online casino are guarded in special facilities, under 24/7 surveillance, and in fire-proof rooms which are heavily guarded. Having all this in mind, are there any hacked casinos? Well, you know what they say, never say never, right? There have been a few examples of online casinos successful hacking.

However, these cases are so rare; in fact, 99,99% of hackers get caught. And one of the most important things to mention here — most successful hacks happened in online casinos’ early days. Nowadays, security is way more tight and strict.

If you happen to come across a random advertisement which promises access to a hacked casino, keep away, it’s probably a scam. In the end, honest casino play is the only way to enjoy playing and sleep like a baby at night. Don’t try to scam the casino, play for pure fun!

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