Casino Jackpot Winners

Casino Jackpot winners

How can you win a jackpot at a casino? Check out our article and read some success stories from real players that prove it’s not as hard as you think!

Is It Easy to Win a Jackpot?

Even though winning a jackpot might seem impossible at first glance, we want to reveal some success stories from online casino jackpot winners who actually cashed in and won big. A lot of people think that the odds are simply too large, but getting the top prize is actually easier than it seems.

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Know How to Get Lucky

First, winning jackpot games like slots is easy in theory – the machines display your odds of winning, and sometimes the strategy is to play as much as you can to up your chances. Phillip Brown from the UK won a jackpot because he was persistent: for one month, he played the same slot every day but played with the minimum amount. In time, he got the jackpot and won 7k.

“Players must know that games of chance should be played with persistence, but you have to be careful not to lose all your funds if you want to play for a long time. This recent $7,000 win was not my first jackpot in online slots, but it was certainly the largest, and I am happy that my strategy has paid out!”

In another similar story, Deborah and Dan Wilson from Palm Springs, California played the minimum number of coins per line while playing all the paylines available and were lucky to win an incredible jackpot of $27,000.

“My husband and I wanted to spend some fun money on slots and his work buddies told him to bet low and bet on all lines. We played on and invested very little, maybe like 100$… [We] Thought we were rooting for the highest prize in normal mode, but then I got the jackpot of 27k! After that, I received the money on my Visa in 3 days and we treated ourselves to a much-needed vacation. Bahamas, here we come!!”

So, even though jackpot games rely a lot on chance, you can choose a good strategy to increase your odds.

Some players like Tony Delmonte specifically aim for this method, and that’s how they manage to win.

“It’s all about picking games with a low house edge. Do that and you get great odds. My combination strategy and game plan will stay secret, but I can totally recommend players to play games with the lowest house edge. Very proud of my jackpot.”

The player from New Jersey ended up winning a 16k jackpot, and he didn’t have to play for a long time.

Be Smart

A 22-year-old Australian student and online casino fan named Charlie figured out to pick slot games with the highest RTP payout percentage, and it increased his odds of winning the jackpot. He knew that the particular slot was played more than others:

“I’m a fan of RTG slot games and my plan was to use their high RTP rate to win. I found a game with +97% RTP because I knew I would get a good payout at BoVegas Casino. Well… I was right! Won $32,000! All I had to do next after my epic win is wait 2 days for the money to arrive on my MasterCard. Cha-ching, baby, cha-ching!!!”  

In most cases, playing online will give you a better return to player rate. Bertha Jones, a retired teacher from Nevada quit playing the local slot machines because she was never able to win the highest combinations or the jackpot. She switched to playing online and very quickly managed to win. Her jackpot was around $9,000, and she used PayPal to get a quick payout in 1 day. Check out her advice:

“I got fed up with losing in local bars and playing the same old slot machines… It’s smart to play online because there are so many advantages that allow gamblers to win more often and win a lot of money. After winning 9k, I showed everyone that this old gal still has some tricks up her sleeve!”

Trust the Casino

You can also take advantage of bonuses and free spins that you get if you sign up to play online. If you make a deposit, you could get a certain number of free spins that could increase your chances. Jerry Davis from NYC became a casino jackpot winner last summer when he got 50 free spins from He used that to win $22,000.

“I didn’t believe I would win anything during those bonus spins [that] I got for leaving just a small deposit. My friend told me good things about Golden Lion Casino and I decided to give it a chance. So I won a lot by spending close to nothing. Can’t believe how lucky I was! I wanted my money by wire transfer and it took 5 days, it was a long wait, but it paid off big-time!”

Another tactic is to bet a lot of money – some slot prizes can be determined according to your bet, and if the risk is higher, the prizes are bigger. New Zealand’s slot veteran Katy Thompson claims that playing safe didn’t make her a lot of money, but as soon as she upped her bet, things started to change.

“I was feeling lucky one night and thought, why not, maybe the tables will turn if I use a bigger bet. And I did get lucky! Now I am $3,200 richer after winning the jackpot.”


As you can see, there are many ways you can win jackpots online! After all, casinos want you to win so you can come back and play again. In the end, that’s how they make their money. Hopefully, some of these stories from real players have encouraged you and proved that it’s not that hard to win. So, don’t be afraid to try tips from this article and play some online casino games! Good luck!

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