US Casinos That Take Skrill as a Payment Method


Due to the expansion of the Internet in the past several decades, electronic cash has become an alternative to traditional payment methods. Skrill is one of the cryptocurrency wallets that is often used for online gambling. Many online casinos offer it as a method for both depositing and withdrawing.

There are various advantages of using Skrill instead of some other payment methods, which is the reason why many people choose it as their go-to payment option. This form of transaction takes less time in comparison to bank transfers, for example, which distinguishes online payment systems from other ones.

Given the fact, it comes as no surprise that the number of online casinos that accept Skrill has been exponentially growing in the past several years. So if you are an online gambling enthusiast from the United States, knowing which US virtual gambling venues accept Skrill will be useful to you.

In the following lines, we will elaborate on the subject of depositing money and withdrawing your winnings using Skrill. Additionally, we will assemble a list of some of the top US casino websites that accept this payment method.

What Is Skrill?

Before we get into the details, we have to answer the essential question that represents the basis of our discussion — what is Skrill?

Skrill is a form of an electronic wallet that was previously referred to as Moneybookers. Making a Skrill account requires only an email address and a password. Once you create your account, you can use it to both deposit and withdraw cash at an online casino.

Other than being simple, this method of payment is also fast, safe, and secure. Upon creating your digital wallet, you only need to share your credit card or debit card information with Skrill. Thanks to information protection and high-quality data encryption, your data is safe, and your transactions are secure.

How to Pay Using Skrill?

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of using Skrill for your money transfers, and you know how to create an account, you must know how to initiate transactions. The Skrill payment process is rather simple and can be done in several easy steps. In order to send money, you need to go to the transfer page and enter the required data, such as the amount of money, the recipient’s country, etc. And depending on the recipient’s location, they may be offered multiple different options — to send the money to their bank account, their mobile wallet, or both. So once you enter all the relevant details, you sign into your account and confirm the transaction.

How to Withdraw Money from Skrill?

When it comes to withdrawing your funds, Skrill offers several options for you to choose from.

  • Skrill to Skrill transfer
  • Transfer to a merchant — this withdrawal option enables you to transfer your money directly to a merchant site.
  • Skrill to Neteller — this option allows you to instantly complete a transaction from one account to the other.
  • Skrill Prepaid MasterCard — thanks to this option, you can withdraw your money from an ATM.
  • Skrill Virtual Prepaid MasterCard
  • Skrill account to bank account — this withdrawal option transfers your money from your Skrill to your bank account.
  • Local bank withdrawal
  • Transfer to a Visa card — you can withdraw your funds from your Skrill account to your Visa card.
  • Transfer to a MasterCard card
  • Transfer to a mobile wallet — depending on where you’re from, you may be able to make a withdrawal from your Skrill account to your mobile wallet, provided that you have registered it in your account.

Top 3 US Casinos That Take Skrill

In this section, we will list the three best US casinos that take Skrill as a payment method. Additionally, we will briefly review each of them in order to provide you an insight into as many details as possible. That way, you can decide which one suits you best, based on your preferences. However, whether they are US-friendly and whether they offer Skrill as an option are two features you do not have to check.

  1. Roaring 21 Casino
  2. Desert Nights Casino
  3. Eclipse Casino

And if you are interested in the review of each individual entry from our list, keep reading.

1. Roaring 21 Casino

Our absolute favorite when it comes to US-friendly virtual gambling venues that accept Skrill is Roaring 21 Casino. It is an RTG casino with instant Skrill withdrawal. It has a lavishly designed layout that is simple to navigate, making all the options and sections easy to find. This casino features a wide range of casino games and specialty games with outstanding graphics. Additionally, it offers a vast number of casino bonuses to make your gambling experience as profitable as possible.

2. Desert Nights Casino

The next entry our list is Desert Nights Casino. This virtual venue is no different from the previously described one when it comes to the interface. The way it was designed enables you to easily find all the information you may need as a customer. Thanks to the software provider that supplies it, Desert Nights Casino offers a variety of games. It also features options such as downloading their software and accessing it via mobile devices.

3. Eclipse Casino

Upon loading the website of Eclipse Casino, you will be greeted by an imaginatively designed home page. The design justifies the name of this casino, as the majority of buttons are placed around the picture of a solar eclipse, imitating planets. Due to a collaboration with a reputable software company, Eclipse Casino features numerous high-quality games. Additionally, it also features monthly promotions, as well as generous welcome bonuses.

Transfers Made Simple

In conclusion, we can honestly say that Skrill is a payment method of the future. It goes hand in hand with the expansion of new technologies, making your transactions easy, simple, and safe. Given the fact, the number of online casinos that feature Skrill as an acceptable payment option is constantly growing. We have listed the top 3 US casinos that take Skrill, but we assure you many more online gambling venues that feature Skrill are available all around the world.

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