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Does an idea of playing online slots machines and boosting your bankroll make your heart pump faster? If so, you are about to enter the wondrous world of online casino slots. Stepping into a new realm might be overwhelmed especially when you are about to take your first step.

For you to excel in a disruptive world of online slots games, you need to know about slots offer as much as possible. Online slots players own enormously knowledge about slot machine games and how they work. Slots were created to be played with, and one must master them. Games will always progress, and the constant update is necessary.

While having all that knowledge may seem a little daunting, proper preparation and guidance through everything you ever needed to know about online slots, will do the job! Therefore, we are stepping in with this step-by-step guideline.

We’ve got it all covered!

Online Casino

Many online casinos got its fame by many benefits under their roof that are unified in the form of welcome bonuses and free money, control of the game, no waiting lines and an opportunity to play free video slot games, thus testing the video slot. This truly gave them tremendous advantage opposite land-based casinos.

Just a desire to play slot game in online casinos is not enough to get you started. You need to face numerous decision, and the first one being – How to choose perfect online casino?

When it comes to this point, you need to take into consideration several divers parameters, as:

  • If a casino is a trusted brand or not
  • Casinos protection and safety policy
  • Are there Sign Up Bonuses and how big they are
  • If there is Customer Support
  • How rich casino is in-game offer
  • If they are mobile friendly

Do your homework! Research! It is up to you and your game when it comes to finding a compatible online casino. Anyhow, we will always recommend you to go with the gaming platform that is chock-full with an exclusive range of slot games packed up with relevant facts and figures!

Online Slots

online casino slots

Without any doubt, slot machines are the most popular casino game. Regardless of their popularity, not everyone knows how they work and what kind of slots and slots feature is available.

Slots in a nutshell:

  1. Classic Slots
    1. Own vintage look with basic game plays
    1. Possess only 3-reels
    1. The frequency of payout is higher though the amount is usually smaller
  1. Video Slots5-reels slot with exceptional graphics and bonus features
    1. Has more than 100 pay lines to bet on
    1. Video slots were created on pop culture theme and evolved into today’s video slots, offering a rather realistic gaming experience
  1. Progressive Slot Games
    1. Came with a boom of online casinos
    1. Leads to dynamic jackpot – grows every time someone makes a bet
    1. Can build up to, likely up in the millions
  1. Free Slot Games
    1. Offered by numerous casinos giving a great sneak peek of the game without betting with real money
    1. It is a risk-free form to explore game playground with a trial period
    1. You will not be able to cash out any winnings gained from playing it

Regardless of the game you choose, the closure can be the same, to get you from investing a couple of coins to millions.

Know Your Limits

Stay on the budget! Adjust default betting amount to your budget.

Always remember that minimum and maximum bet can vary from machine to machine.

Avoid extreme bets and scared money. Don’t forget – Always modify the betting amount to your reality.

Once the amount is set you need to hit ‘Spin’ button. However, you need to choose your pay lines!

Slot Paylines

Beginners often get confused by seeing the same three symbols in one row and winning nothing. Paylines are designed to count winning combination, and you can have several pay lines selected, depending on the game itself, where for each pay line you need to place an additional bet.

Bonus Symbols: What, How and When

You can’t play online slots without getting something little extra and free. This is a job for bonus symbols. There are four different categories of bonus symbols, and each one can trigger a unique bonus feature.

  1. Scatter Symbols may vary from game to game, regarding the type of slot game and in interpretation they are usually the highest paying, making them interesting for any slot player. Once you get a scatter symbol, you will automatically trigger a bonus that may vary from free spins to bonus rounds. Players will get it from time to time.
  1. Wild Symbol is your substitution for any symbol. If you have three symbols and a Wild next to it means that you will be rewarded with the next payout level!
  1. Expanding Wilds work in the same way as the wild symbols, with a difference in expanding across the entire column. This Wild enables you to win on one or even more lines depending on your luck, of course.
  1. Stacked Wilds improve player’s chances of getting the right combinations across many pay lines, by having stacked symbols that come in a group of 2, 3 or more stacking on top of each other. With this chances of a player is improving at hitting a combination across several pay lines.
  1. Multipliers. This unique feature can multiply the number, to double, triple or even increase the winning by 100x or 1000x. Each game has its own rules when it comes to the use of multipliers and guidelines are usually found on the paytable of the slot being played.

Bonus Games

Slot games love to give. They mostly provide bonus games, which represents mini-levels within the standard game itself. Bonus games are always triggered by unique combinations that are depending on the game rules. Why we love them so much? Because bonus games will bring higher returns than the regular version.

Free Spins Bonus Rounds

When you unlock a bonus round on your slot, which is mostly free spins and an opportunity to win bonus cash.

Standard Bonus Rounds

A minigame will offer, periodically, higher payouts for certain combinations or even richer volumes of bonus symbols. After all there so no such thing as a bad bonus round, right?

What makes Slots Spin?

Every online machine has its system upon which it is built. For some machines, it may be softer, a specific algorithm, while for slots it is a thing called RNG (Random Number Generator).

RNG is responsible for determining which number will appear on each row and column. Operated by an algorithm that makes slot combinations random. Set to pay out more generally or in higher amounts. This is easy to read from RTP (Return To Player Rate). Therefore, always select a machine with a payout percentage of 95% or higher.

Slots don’t have a memory. It has no knowledge of whether you won or lost. Also, slots are clueless whether you played all day or you just spend 2 minutes playing big. They are completely clueless whether you stayed all day and played or you just hit the jackpot. When you initiate the game, RNG starts spinning numbers super fast, even at the rate of hundreds per second. When you click your mouse RNG determines what symbols the reels will land on.

You can do only one thing about this, and that is deciding what second you going to click the mouse or tap the screen of your smartphone.

Hit Frequency (HF)

HF presents a number of times when RNG gives out a winning combination. It is always expressed in a percentage of spins.

Return to Player Rate (RTP)

RTP presents, in percentage, the average amount of money returned to the player, opposite to what was invested. Higher the RTP, the higher are the chances that you will leave the casino with more than you planned.

Slot Game Myths

As the world’s most popular casino games no wonder that certain beliefs got developed over the time, creating a certain number of myths.

We have listed top 5 slot myths around the gamblers circles:

  1. The more often you play the machine, the more it will give. Actually, regardless of the machine you use, the outcome will be based on the same rules and principles to each spin. It is entirely irrelevant if you played for hours or just sat down.
  1. House always wins. House/casino doesn’t have an approach to any machine modification, regardless belief that casino has a secret button to slow the machines spinning or make it faster. Machines are always under the supervision of the Gaming Commission representative.
  1. If you stuff machine with enough money, you will win. This belief just leaves players frustrated and unhappy, because a hundred spins do not guarantee the jackpot. It is just a mere of luck.
  1. You can tell when the slot is due to pay out. Software slots operate on a random base, and there is no guarantee that either of next combination will be a winning one.
  1. You can’t hit two jackpots. Again, it is mere luck that you hit the jackpot. It is even bigger mere luck to hit two jackpots. Numerous occasions showed us that online slot players had an opportunity to win a jackpot, and even the second one by not changing the slot.

Slots Dictionary

Here are some of the most trivial words (and less familiar to gambling beginners) that you should know if you would like to fully enjoy the fun in online slots:

  • Active pay lines: pay lines that will result in a payout
  • Bankroll: the amount of money that a player has to bet
  • Credits: refers to money once it’s inside the slot machine
  • Hit frequency: refers to how often a slot will give a winning combination
  • Line bets: activated pay lines on a slot that has multiple pay lines available
  • Multiplier: can increase payouts by multiplying it
  • Nudge: nudge feature enables you to nudge the reel
  • Pay line: line enables you to receive payouts and bonuses
  • Payout percentages: presents a percentage that slot pays back to its players
  • Reel: once you stop the reel you get a combination of symbols
  • Scatter: if you get a few of scatters you will receive a payout. It is not necessary for scatters to be on the same active line
  • Wild symbols: substitution for all other symbols (except for bonus and scatter symbols)

How to Play Online Slots Checklist

how to play online slots

  • Choose a good casino
  • Test free games and use trial periods
  • Start with small amounts
  • Find casinos with nice Sign-Up Bonuses
  • Play games with high RTP only
  • Play slowly and not for too long
  • Remember – the number of less winning combinations is always higher than the number of winning combinations

A number of casino slots that you are going to play is entirely up to you. Winning in casino games is not always easy, but it’s worth playing for. Don’t forget that playing safe is the best way to play! That is how you can make sure that your bankroll grows. On the other hand, higher the risk, higher the returns.

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