Successful Gamblers Stories


successful gambling stories

We offer you stories about some of the most famous and most successful gamblers throughout the history of gambling you can learn a lot from.

There are many traps to avoid on the road to successful gambling. The fact is – while you are playing at the casino table, your mind is playing tricks on you. One of the biggest illusions that casino players have is that they are in control of the game. If you don’t discard this notion, it may lead you to compulsive playing or even addiction.

Here are some stories of highly successful players that will keep you on the right track and help you get the most from your gambling experience.

Dead Man’s Hand Story

Let’s start with a walk down the memory lane.

Wild Bill Hickok was the legend of the Wild West. It is disputable whether he was better gunman or gambler. He was so good at playing poker that he was ushered in the Hall of fame long after his death. He ended his life at the poker table holding two pairs – eights, and aces. That’s the origin of the famous Dead Man’s hand.

Australian Mogul Story

Kerry Packer was a passionate gambler who earned his fortune in the media business. He loved to spend huge chunks of that fortune at Vegas poker tables though. He was known for always playing at the highest stakes, which many times led to colossal loses but from time to time he could hit a million winnings.

An Amazing Winning Streak Story

This is a story of Archie Karas, one of the greatest gamblers ever. He left home when he was 15. While working at a restaurant, he started enhancing his poker skills. Over time he mastered poker so that his fortune increased to an amazing  2 million dollars. By the end of 1992 however, he was left with only 50$ in his pocket. This suggests that his way of playing was a wild rollercoaster ride of successive winning and losing streaks. Got famous during the 90’s when he began gambling  with 50$ only to finish the game with an incredible 40 million dollars payout

Inventor of the Counting Cards Theory

The first person who took gambling to the level of science was famous Edward O.Thorp. Once a math professor at UCLA, Thorp devised the first counting cards theory as well as the first computer simulation that planned a Blackjack strategy. He also invented the first portable computer he used at Blackjack tables in casinos across the U.S.A. He is the author of “Beat the dealer,” a guide to successful gambling every player should read. His fortune is estimated at 800 million dollars

The MIT Crew Story

This is a widely known story about the group of young MIT graduates who took a scientific approach to gambling. They developed famous “counting cards“ theory in 1979 to devastate Atlantic city and Vegas casinos playing Blackjack. Many people came and went out of this gambling gang due to either fear of taking serious risks or the clash of egos. Their story was eventually turned into a movie.

Another Scientist Who Earned Fortune Gambling

This is a story about Bill Benter who used Thorp’s “Beat the Dealer” to improve his Blackjack playing skills in Vegas casinos. After years of successful gambling, he decided to move to Hong Kong, since he was banned from numerous casinos. There he devised software that predicts the outcome of horse races. His annual profit is around 100 million dollars.

A Shy Billionaire story

Željko Ranogajec left the University to become a pro gambler. He started playing Blackjack and used his photographic memory and outstanding understanding of numbers to turn relatively small bets into lucrative winnings. After being banned from almost every casino in Australia, he turned to horse races. It is believed that Ranogajec earns 1 billion per year, but he doesn’t like to talk about this.

Celebrity Gamblers

Gambling had become an attractive venture long before our days because it is closely related to human nature. No matter if someone’s already rich and famous, the appeal of gambling is irresistible. That’s why there are so many celebrities who are passionate gamblers and win some serious money from time to time. The best celebrity gamblers are Ben Affleck, Tiger Woods, and 50 Cent.

These are success stories about gambling that should give you some idea how to behave and what to avoid to make big money in a casino. You should be good with numbers, pay attention to details, and learn from your mistakes. Also, don’t be afraid to take risks and try to keep it cool during the game. Whatever you do – try not to become a compulsive gambler.

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